Burn Baby, Burn!

The BSE workouts have been mentioned before, but since Dr. Mercola's article is a bit longish, this repost is serving as a summary of the basis for this less than 30 minute long workout.

First of all, I have two "super eight" type workouts in the library. The Billat Super Eight is less super than the Tabata Super Eight, but can be pretty effective at stimulating the natural production of HGH and is a better choice for early season forays into the VO2 Max range.

To get the full goody out of these intervals, refrain from eating carbs for 2 hours post workout. I like these in the a.m., I can finish, grab a handful of raw almonds and a cup of coffee, and I am good to go until lunch on most days.

Here's a visual on the 28ish minutes it takes to stoke the bacon burning fires: