Keeping the Pressure On, Ever So Slightly...

With regards to the Next Level post, the search for a way to carefully develop and integrate workouts that acheive the higher percentage of training time at or near FTP while keeping an eye on endurance easy task for someone with a career and family. Yesterday, such a workout was put to the test.

Now, to complicate things a bit, the workout was constrained by a budget of only 181 TSS, but given that next week is more or less a recovery/testing week and that there was a need to field test this workout.

So here it is, in all of it's glory: a 3+ hour ride that includes a 2x20 set followed by a 10 minute interval at 105-115% FTP:

Couple of notes:
  • Ideally, the interval sets should take place at/near the end of this workout go get the full goody, but having a guest along for the ride (non-racer) needed to make the workout/route fit our agenda.
  • Note the apparent temporal rift/wormhole in the time-line...once again with a nod to hospitality, a stop for a bacon/cheddar/chive scone and espresso at High Street Cafe in comfort was on the agenda.
  • Aside from the intervals, the rest of the ride was pretty low key to keep the TSS score in check. Alas though, the ride went over-budget by 28 points on the week (208 for this routine alone), but the rolling ramp rate this season is still within target parameters.