The Three Day Combo Workout

Nice for those, like myself, who are short on time. Emphasis is on intensity, threshold, and laziness in the form of easy recovery rides. Plus, it allows for the proper dosages for this point in the season (mid-base). First an overview of the week in terms of power distribution per category...

While it might be better to have a bit more in the threshold account (blue), this week's low TSS allocation kept the L4 workouts to a smaller dosage and the combined deposits in the L5 and L6 accounts are not exceeding 10% (these accounts will build toward the 20% range as the season plays out). L2 and L3 are relatively low compared to L1, which reflects the yin and yang of the Three Day Combo workout, which plays out as follows:

Day 1: 8/1 L5 and L6 work. This is based on research presented here and discussed by others. The immediate appeal though is the HGH production, the large dose of TSS from a sub-40 minute workout, and the boost this workout seems to give to the 2x20 workout on day 2. In a roundabout way, these might actually help to boost's a graph snapshot:

Pretty challenging, especially the set of 4x30 second efforts at the end, but not so bad as to take the edge off of the 2x20 workout on day 2:

Note: this is the second week of the Three Day Combo Workout. Last week the 2x20 intervals worked out to 102% and 103% FTP respectively, which called for a reduction this week in the recovery interval from 5 minutes to 4 minutes. Even so, interval 1 yielded 104% FTP while interval 2 backed down to 103%. Of course, 20 minute interval execution protocol was strictly followed.

Exit questions: was the reduction due to 1) the shortened recovery period, 2) the more intense first interval, or 3) a combination of both? Sort of leaning to 2) as the answer. It's amazing how quickly the hole appears when work is performed just a tad over FTP.

Anyway, day 1 and day 2 made me look forward to Day 3: a group ride, easy pace. A perfect scenario for slacking off and practicing lazy pack habits:

Couple of notes. What look like two data drops are actually 1) a stop to pick up the group at the coffee shop and 2) a period where the group was required to climb a high game-proof gate to access the dirt road section of our chosen route. Lot's of deposits into L1 and L2 with a few forays into the "forbidden zones" on this ride.

Which brings up day! The rest of the week will be easy rides akin to day 3 to get the CTL back in balance...need to reverse periodize for a week or so to recover from Christmas break bike camp and training shenanigans.

Oh, the route for day 3 took the group on a future Kerr County road connecting Lane Valley Road to Turkey Knob. A nice four mile stretch of caliche. That steep climb that appears on day 3's profile above was on the caliche section. Big fun. Here's the route: