FTP Pacing Planner

Restraint, composure, self-discipline. I'd like to think that these traits go a long way to characterize me and maybe, in some settings, they do. However, when it comes to practicing restraint and self-discipline during a 20 minute FTP test, I tend to loose my composure, overspend, and fight for survival towards the end when in fact I should be thriving into a strong finish.

To help me and others (if there indeed are others that struggle with this issue), I have developed the FTP Pacing Planner. Go ahead, give it a try. BONUS! If you can't remember your four quarterly targets, you're probably overdoing it and the hypoxia is impairing your memory.

Here is a shot of a planned FTP test with a built in 3rd quarter fade (built in because the fade has emerged as a pattern over several tests for the subject at hand):

And, in case this post descends into oblivion, the planner is permalinked over in the links column.